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THE RAINFOREST PROJECT - or why the Bracks Government still logs rainforest and refuse to accept the umpires decison

(more at Victorian Rainforest Network) Focusing on Vic rainforest

Carbon Credits (also see Sinks That Stink)


20-11-14 - I haven't edited this site since early 2011. In fact, I've barely looked at it in that time. I only changed the intro to note changing governments, but not policies (which didn't change unfortunately), for a good 7 years before that. FoEFN had our most intense burst of inspiration and activity between 1992 and 2002. I kept this site up because I felt it was a historical record of a dedicated group of people who fought to elevate Nature in human consciousness. It is a raw record of the vision we had for the future of sustainable timber and fibre production on Earth. Some elements are cringeworthy in retrospect but what would you expect from the vanguard (and amateurs)?

I felt that we had identified a sustainable pathway but we ran into opposition to our ideas on every front. Even our supposed allies worked to exclude us from the public debate about the future of forests and ecology in general in Australia. We were considered a "fringe" group and extreme. I was prompted to update this intro after I read an article by CSIRO (Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation). Now we have scientists providing empirical validation of the ideas we were promoting, but were vilified for, 15-20 years ago.

This is the CSIRO article I refer to: this

And this was our vision to convert monocultural plantations into an ecologically diverse alternative (drafted 15-20 years ago): here

This was our broader vision: here

So this update, like all our work and our vision, is a bit rough. We were on the right path. I just want to acknowledge the thousands of people who came to our meetings and organised and participated in direct action. Sometimes we butted heads. Some were incredibly generous. Regardless of our differences, and not all subscribed to our vision, I want to acknowledge each and every one of you as a pioneer and visionary. We ventured outside the dominant paradigm and our ideas were ultimately influential and, I believe, will be widely promulgated.

If you doubt me, ask yourself why CSIRO have caught up with us 20 years later. (Don't even ask about the thousands of people have been bankrupted by fraudulent MIS plantations)


The logging of pristine forests such as rainforest, mature and old growth forest (that is forests that have not been changed by modern forestry practices) still occurs in Victoria in 2011 - New Premier Ted Baillieu and the Liberal / National Coalition have stamped their (lack of) environmental credentials on government by re-introducing cattle into Victoria's high country parks.

Bushfire in the Landscape: Different values, a shared vision

23rd and 24th June 2011, Teacher's Federation Conference Centre, Sydney


Masalai i tokaut has been fighting corruption in the PNG forest industry since 2002. Their site is now being blocked in PNG. Apparently some powerful people don't want the truth getting out. There is a link to a mirror of their site underneath our header (top right).

Good Wood Guide

Old Growth forest still being decimated in East Gippsland

"Forest management is sustainable, we replace every tree that we log." - Forestry Myths


Rimbunan Hijau Watch PNG ( Papua New Guinea )

Pine and Eucalypt plantations

Is intensive tree cropping good for the earth?

Some "environmentalists" will tell you it is...but...

Hancock Watch - Australian Paper Watch


Update - Ban CCA - No CCA

Bushfire Dreaming: Aunty Betty King from south west Victoria-Copyright-

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