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Central Highlands

November 2003

November 2002 Update

More Central Highlands photos 1

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Central Highlands Times Article


Next four photos courtesy of Natalie Zirngast

In the summer of 2002 the community banded together to blockade the construction of a logging road into untouched forest near Marysville. This was our fort... the last line of defence for the earth. Unfortunately the Government deployed vast resources and the blockade was breached in a bid to satisfy the insatiable appetite of consumer society.

_Defenders of Keppel Lane

November 2002

The photographs below were taken at a coupe located approx 8km from Starlings Gap (south of Warburton) along Big Creek Road within the Starvation Creek Catchment for Melbourne Water. This coupe also is within the Amcor Concession area. Road 6 runs through this coupe and it can be located on Topographic Map 8022-2-4 titled Ada River. Its bearings are 37 degrees, 47 minutes and 30 seconds south latitude/145 degrees, 51 minutes east Longitude

____ ___


In the series of photos below, the whole hill top has been clearfelled. It adjoins other coupes and backs onto a stream that is nearby (Tin Mine Creek).

Its location is north-east of Powelltown on Monett Road (adjacent the intersection of Blackwood Gully Road, approx 5km from Powelltown). The map reference is titleed Ada River 8022-2-4 and its bearings are 37degrees, 51 minutes south latitude/145 degrees, 46 minutes east longitude. The spot elevation '454' marks precisely where it is.

Central Highlands Statistics

About one hour east of Melbourne.

Cover more than one million hectares.

Supply 3 million Victorians with drinking water.

5 catchments supplying 28% of Melbournes drinking water are open to clearfell logging which reduces water quantity (yields down by up to 50% and taking 150 years to recover) and quality (roads alone can input 45-60 tonnes of sediment per hectare per year into catchment rivers).

Timber versus water - if the Thompson catchment alone were not logged the Victorian community would be $147 million better off.

Rare and threatened species - Leadbeaters possum, Spotted tree frog, Baw Baw frog, Tall Astelia lily, Barred Galaxias (fish), Sooty, Powerful and Barking Owls.

The RFA process allows 500,000 tonnes of timber to be removed every year for the next twenty years. 70-80% of this timber will end up as woodchips.

More Central Highlands photos 1