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Wilderness to Waste

The ecology, politics and economics of the Victorian Alps - Community Research Action Centre 1980?

Page 42

" ...Hoo-Hoo is an international organisation formed in 1892, only open to male persons who have attained the age of 21 years, and who are involved in the timber industry or forestry profession. It is now an international organisation with nine global Jurisdictions, Australasian groups belonging to Jurisdiction IV. The international control of Hoo-Hoo groups and members is strong, each Club receiving an international number e.g. Melbourne Club 217 and each member carrying his own individual number.

In Victoria, Hoo Hoo Club 217 (Melbourne) has a conservation committee, whose formation was announced in the June (1973) issue of the newsletter "Australian Log and Tally".

" In an endeavour to establish the policies of Melbourne Hoo Hoo in relation to the "conservation Issue" and its ramifications and, in an effort to ascertain the role that the club members might assume, a "conservation action" committee has been selected by the Club Directors, viz. Andrew Showers, Alan Threader, Tom Brabin, Ron Grose, Gerry Griffin, Ian Sherwin, Brian Tutton, Frank Bolitho, John Bowen, and Trevor Burgess."

How are the members of this committee qualified to establish policies on conservation? Perhaps it may be enlightening to refer to Member listings of Melbourne Hoo Hoo Club 217 (1971/1972 Member listing denoted* and 1977/1978 Member listing denoted **, the members international number follows the members name).

Andrew Showers, 77259 Vice-President Melb. Hoo Hoo Club*

Business: Glenbervie Timber Co. P/L**

Alan Threader, 74398

Business: Forests Commission, Treasury Pl., Melb**

Tom Brabin, 78100

Business: Victorian Sawmillers Association, 184 Whitehorse Road, Blackburn*/**

Ron Gross 80746

Business: Forests Commission, Treasury Pl., Melb**

Gerald Griffin 80745 Vice President Melb. Hoo Hoo Club**

Business: Forests Commission, Treasury Pl., Melb*/**

Ian Sherwen 74399

Business: Timber Promotion Committee, 184 Whitehorse Road., Blackburn*/**

Brian Tutton 74400 Immediate Past President Melb Hoo Hoo Club*

Business: S.H. Tutton P/L**

Frank Bolitho 79533

Business: Australian Forest Industries.*

John Bowen 75238

Business: Bowen and Pomeroy P/L*/**

Trevor Burgess, 75233

Business: Burwood Timber Mills P/L Osborne Ave., Springvale*

Business: Trimview Timber and Hardware P/L** Osborne Ave., Springvale.

This committee, therefore, has a 60% representation from the timber industry and a 40% representation from government bodies (i.e. Forests Commission and Timber Promotion Committee). Of particular importance is the fact that all these current Victorian Forestry Commissioners (Messrs. Griffin, Grose, and Threader) were members of this committee.

This is a most unsatisfactory situation in the light of the fact that one committee member, Mr T.R.Brabin, associated the Hoo Hoo Conservation Action Committee with the Victorian Sawmillers Association campaign to politically influence government conservation decisions and alter the structure of the LCC. Mr Brabin" paper (26/1973) headed "Conservation and Hoo Hoo, the Victorian Scene" stated in part:

" In Victoria, as I presume in other states, the objective we are aiming to achieve could be simplified as follows -

Objective - to return and if needed, expand the forest resources available for extraction of forest products.

The achievement of this objective, particularly in a State in which Crown land forests represent such a very large component of the forest state, depends almost entirely on the attitude of the state government. It is therefore obvious that the major aim of any programme should be to influence the government to make decisions you wish it to make. So it all boils down to the simple matter of influencing the Government!"...