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Rimbunan Hijau is being constantly cited in official inquires and government reports as being a major problem in the logging industry but the recommendations and proposed sanctions rarely eventuate.

Independent Review of Disputed Allocations (2003)

“The overwhelming conclusion is that the robber barons are now as active as they ever were. They are not only free to roam but are in fact encouraged to do so by persons whose proper role is to exercise control over them” “The time has come for a full investigation of the affairs of these companies (two Rimbunan Hijau subsidiaries). They should be compelled to produce documents and to account for their actions. Their relations with officers of the Forest Authority should be fully investigated” “In both reviews (Wawoi Guavi and Vailala) it has been observed that officers of the Forest Authority acted in the company’s interest and not those of the landowners”

Ombudsman Commission Report on Kamula Doso (2002)

“It is recommended that all forest projects being undertaken by the Rimbunan Hijau group of companies be carefully audited and monitored to ensure that all legislative and administrative requirements are strictly complied with; and that all future project proposals by the group of companies be critically screened” “In the opinion of the Ombudsman Commission the conduct of Andrew Baing in giving directions to the National Forest Board (to favour Rimbunan Hijau) was contrary to law and wrong” (Mr Baing is the current Minister for Fisheries) “That the national Executive Council gives written notice to Wari Iamo terminating his appointment as a member of the National Forest Board on the grounds of inefficiency” (Mr Iamo is the Secretary for the Department of Environment and Conservation and still sits on the National Forest Board)

National Intelligence Organisation (2000)

“All revelations indicate mass bribery and corruption by Rimbunan Hijau”

“People were blackmailed and bribed by politicians and the logging company into signing the logging agreement”

“The logging company gave the politicians K500,000 for their election campaigns”

“Political manipulation and free handouts from the logging company have now rendered people corrupt and lazy”

“Rimbunan Hijau aggressively initiated a plan to obtain timber rights without following proper forest laws and concern for the rights of local landowners”

Corruption - RH and Vailala

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