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Political control

In Papua New Guinea it is the Malaysian logging industry that allegedly influences the political elite. Rimbunan Hijau raises funds for the major political parties at its Grand Palace restaurant and has entertained the Prime Minister and his Deputy.

Rimbunan Hijau has documented links to the Prime Minster and Deputy Prime Minster, the Minister for Justice (whose company has a logging contract with RH), the Minister for Fisheries (who the Ombudsman exposed for actively working to get RH an illegal logging permit) and the Minister for Forests who has lobbied for tax concessions and illegal permits for RH. (MASALAI I TOKAUT, 2003)

The Secretary of the Department of Environment and Conservation was exposed by the Ombudsman for facilitating an illegal logging permit for RH and exposed for misleading his Minister, but he still sits on the National Forest Board and the Prime Minister personally intervened to stop disciplinary proceedings against him. (SASA ZIBE MP, HANSARD, 2003)

Rimbunan Hijau in Malaysia is a major supporter of the ruling SUPP party and has joint business ventures with the family of outgoing Prime Minister Mohamed Mahathir. Throughout South East Asia Rimbunan Hijau can rely on the political support it needs to maintain its illegal logging operations. (MARSHALL, 1990)


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