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Oct 2008 - Supreme Court rules RH logging rights illegal

This site has had some minor changes to comply with the demands of a legal threat.(12-5-04)

If you find yourself unable to connect to Rimbunan Hijau Watch go to the Forest Network for a current address.

And don't forget to visit :The PNG Eco-Forestry Forum "a not-for-profit incorporated association formed in 1999 with the goal of promoting integrated rural community development and sustainable resource use through a viable and sustainable eco-forestry industry."

Or Masalai i Tokaut ""Blowing the whistle on forestry corruption in Papua New Guinea".

Rimbunan Hijau is a Malaysian based global forest logger and controls around 60% of the forest industry in Papua New Guinea.

Rimbunan Hijau is:

Logging vast areas of virgin PNG forest against national opinion and local customs which infringes on the traditional rights of indigenous resource owners.

‘Accused in PNG Government reports of gross human rights abuses, labor abuses, sexual abuses and illegal logging (1)

Causing destruction of ancient natural forest and associated systems.

Conducting broad scale industrial logging operations that infringe on the rights of local people to establish and exploit alternative economic opportunies.

Is influencing political and other processes to gain and maintain a near monopoly on PNGs forest resources and avoid adequate scrutiny and monitoring of its operations.


Rimbunan Hijau uses the media to promote its operations to the PNG public.

Rimbunan Hijau already OWNS The National newspaper and LEGAL THREATS against their only competitor, the Post Courier, have left it wary of criticising Rimbunan Hijau. These have been the only two print media outlets since The Independent was closed down.

This website has been created to tell the truth about Rimbunan Hijau and to give people access to effective coverage of the logging industry in Papua New Guinea.


What You Can Do

Are you outraged by the way that Rimbunan Hijau operates in Papua New Guinea?

If you want to register you protest email RH direct at pr_dept@rhpng.com.pg and tell them what you think. Please cc your email to the Post Courier newspaper thedrum@spp.com.pg and to us at RHWatch boycottrh@hotmail.com

If you are in PNG do NOT buy The National newspaper, do NOT shop at the RH Hypermarket and do NOT dine at the Palace Restaurant.

If you are in Australia or New Zealand do not buy timber from PNG unless you are sure it does NOT come from an RH logging operation.



Political control

NEW REPORT Jan '06- Terror-razing the forest (5.5MB!)



(1) Department of Community Development Report 2004, Department of Labor Report 2004, Department of Planning Review of Logging Projects 2003/4, Review of Disputed Forest Allocations 2003